What’s for Dinner?

Central PA–what’s for dinner tonight?

With the new meal plan service that we offer, you will never have to ask yourself that question again!

Why a Customized Meal Service Plan may be Right for You:

  • Busy work/life schedule that hinders your ability to cook healthy meals for you or your family.
  • Recovering after a surgery
  • Recently had a baby
  • Entertaining guests

How it works:

  1. Choose your package on the “Select a Plan” page on this website.
  2. Make your meal selections from our menu on the “Entrees” page. Please Note:
    • Select only entrees that do NOT have a price.
    • Entrees with prices must be purchased separately. They are not included in the meal plans.
  3. During checkout, make sure to select a delivery date.  Note that we only deliver on the weekend; during the late afternoon and evening.
  4. Your meals will be delivered to your door (meals are not pre-cooked).
  5. Store what you are going to eat in the fridge; freeze what you will
    be eating later.
  6. Cook and enjoy your meals!

Regular Pricing (Packages Available) – See Select a Plan

(12) Entrees: $4.10/serving ($295)
(8) Entrees: $5.00/serving ($240)
(6) Entrees: $5.55/serving ($200)